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    looks like you've stumbled upon my site on the world wide web. why don't you have a seat? don't mind the cadavers.... some pages may not work, as this site is always under construction.

    allow me to introduce myself - i'm EVILMORGUE. i have a passion for all things horror and i aspire to develop my own little horror game in the future. looking for quick information? go here. you can also find links to my other social medias on my linktree.

    i plan to use this site for keeping track of projects, journaling, art, and so on... do check in frequently if you'd like to stay up to date, or follow me on neocities.

    this site is best viewed on desktop. sorry, mobile users... (╯_╰”)


    11.24.22 » (pt 2) expanded the homepage not sure how i like it but the contents of the sidebars arent final. BUSTED AS FUCK ON MOBILE BTW sorry lolz

    11.24.22 » A PROPER ABOUT.HTML IS FINALLY HERE!!!! i'm quite happy with it i think :3 also bookmarks.html is here i forget when i added it LOL

    11.22.22 » (pt 3) cat.html is here now. it's bad on purpose but maybe i'll make it good later.

    11.22.22 » (pt 2) its me again i added teddy.html oh good heavens!!

    11.22.22 » edited the homepage again and ill probably end up editing it a 3rd time but i fr need to work on the other pages (lazy)

    11.20.22 » added journal.html and rearranged the homepage a bit! the chat is still here, scroll down to find it :3

    11.19.22 » added about.html + not_found.html

    11.18.22 » full site revamp! i plan to actually fully finish this site as i begin to get ready to start focusing on my personal projects / ocs.


  • » make an oingo boingo shrine page. my oingo boingo encylopedia will be real

  • » finish the other pages, especially ABOUT, JOURNAL, and MABEL LAND, as well as the page for my boyfriend.

  • » look for more resources for the BOOKMARKS page.

  • » expand the homepage once i 1. have an idea and 2. get a little better at coding.
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    i dont have anything to put over here yet so here's a gif (。・ω・。)